About Pitch-To-Start

Launched in 2017, Pitch-to-start is an African philanthropic initiative organized by ZEISS Investment which is devoted to entrepreneurship and represents our commitment to identify and empower African entrepreneurs, create jobs, and add revenues to Africa’s economy.


The ZEISS Entrepreneurship Programme is inspired by three guiding principles:

  1. The belief that the solution to Africa’s problems lies in the ability of its youth to not just work but create employment for their colleagues.

  2. The commitment to reduce the high level of unemployment in the African community   through the fostering of African entrepreneurship


To establish a program that contributes to the alleviation of the high levels of unemployment in the African sub-region by equipping young entrepreneurs with the skills and finances needed to build their businesses.


To assist young entrepreneurs to identify, grow and create sustainable businesses across Africa that can transform to multinationals that can transform lives of many others through employment and contributing in many ways to the society they belong.